St. Clair County Literacy Project
"The only free adult one-to-one tutoring service available in St. Clair County."

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How You Can Help

Recruit volunteer reading tutors.
Encourage your acquaintances and employees to volunteer as reading tutors. We will provide free 8+ hours of training.

Help spread the word about reading problems.
Show that you recognize the problem through your company newsletter, bulletin board and other communication channels.

Promote the development of basic skills.
Encourage someone you know to seek help with basic skills if needed and stress the importance of life long learning opportunities.

Provide locations for tutor/student pairs.
Locate quiet confidential locations for tutors and students to meet.

Serve on the local Literacy Board.
Your local Literacy Council needs your expertise in business and community affairs to achieve effectively its goals. Don't hesitate to call and volunteer to serve.

Contributions are gratefully accepted and are 501C tax-deductible.

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